Listening Post

Sing with WOSOSI 2015

Here's a video from our Sing with WOSOSI workshop in 2015.


What better way is there to get to know WOSOSI, than to have a listen to some of our wide range of music.

We specialise in songs and chants from around the world, conveying each song’s intention and wairua - whether that is a quiet longing for your homeland, celebrating the joy of independence won, the despair of loved ones lost or the delicate beauty of a song of peace. This page contains a sample of our large repertoire.

Shut de door

We have fun with this song. While not a true traditional Caribbean song (it was actually written in 1982 by Randy Stonehill) it has a great catchy Calypso tune and we enjoy singing it as much as our audiences enjoy listening.


A beautiful song of hope written by Earlene Rentz for Nathanael, Tomoko and Naiya Hill, and the beautiful, hopeful people of Japan who have endured such tragedy as a result of the March 11,2011 earthquake and tsunami. This performance was at the beautiful Futuna Chapel in Karori, Wellington.

around the world in seventeen songs

We are very proud of this CD of WOSOSI favourites.  If you would like to purchase a copy please use our contact page, or email us.

In the meantime, have a listen to a sample of each song track. 


Song Teasers

Here are a few tunes that have been a part of our repertoire for many years.

Sing with WOSOSI 2017

Once a year we hold a Sing with WOSOSI workshop.  This is where anyone can come along for an afternoon of singing alongside members of WOSOSI. 

We always have a great time.  Here's a sample of our wonderful Sing with WOSOSI workshop in 2017.  What a great afternoon!