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We specialise in songs and chants from around the world, conveying each song’s intention and wairua - whether that is a quiet longing for your homeland, celebrating the joy of independence won, the despair of loved ones lost or the delicate beauty of a song of peace. This page contains a sample of our large repertoire.

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We perform locally, but our repertoire is global. Here is a sample list of our songs. These sound samples are short segments from mostly live recordings averaging between 60 seconds and 90 seconds in length. You'll need Windows Media PlayerMusicmatch Jukebox, or some similar MP3 player installed on your computer to listen. 

noteEdo West Indies, a moving song about the deep yearning for one's home land
noteE Hari, E Koa Maori, Ratana song
noteAgnus Dei Latin/Taize, Lamb of God
noteSi Si Si Congelese, a folk song of unknown language
noteNobody but the baby Gospel, Gillian Welch wrote this Siren song based on a single verse of a traditional lullaby
noteHalle Gospel, a fun upbeat song.
noteU Mey um mwa African, A wonderful syncopated song, see how many parts you can hear.

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Latest CD

WOSOSI : around the world in seventeen days


Take a taster tour by listening to the song samples below.

Take the whole world trip by ordering your own copy of the CD for just $20 plus postage & packaging - order via email, using our contact form or by talking to a choir member.

1. Moratiwa waka South Africa
2. Where the thunder don't roll Gospel
3. Lo'u Sei Samoa
4. I've got to cross that lonely river North America
5. Akanamandla Samoa
6. Inanay Australia Aboriginal Song
7. Hei Raurangi New Zealand / Aotearoa
8. Breaths Gospel
9. Otdavali Russia
10.I feel like going on Gospel
11. Adio kerida Ladino / Judaeo-Spanish
12. Plovi barko Croatia
13. Tangi Sina Tokelau
14. Out of the depths Gospel
15. Nar trollmar Norway
16. Carnavalito Argentina
17. AIO New Zealand / Aotearoa

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Makoura College

Our weekend workshop and concert at Makoura College in Masterton with their junior kapa haka group went really well. Great bunch of kids! A friend photographer has loaded photos from the day here.

Ex-isle of Strangers

Held in March 2010, and directed by our own Musical Director Bert van Dijk, this work-in-progress presentation was the
first performance ever to be held on Matiu/Somes Island .  The production had a cast of 30 performers, musicians and
dancers - including some members of the WOSOSI choir. The performance explored and tested a model of theatre-making that strongly connects with the geographic, cultural and spiritual dimensions of our environment. It included burlesque Cabaret, avant-garde multi-layered physical dance theatre and the Kim Lee Noh Play. 
View a collection of photos from the performance here.

General Gallery

Click here to view photos from past concerts, and less formal snaps of our members from our workshops and rehearsals.

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