Our Choir Leader:  Pam Hughes

Starting with WOSOSI as a singer in 2002, Pam moved into a music leadership role in 2012 - a great opportunity to bring together her love of singing and world music, and her skills as a trainer. Pam specialises in creating a fun and safe space for members to create a kaleidoscope of beautiful music together, while achieving a consistently high standard.

As a member of the Natural Voice Network, she believes that singing is our birthright and should be accessible to all. Pam works tirelessly to keep us on track with carefully researched methodologies, an intuitive feel for the music and a slightly suspect sense of humour.   And she sure can belt out a full, rich alto!

"WOSOSI has been a part of my life for so long it's hard to remember a time without it.
What a fantastic choir family we have - laughs, love and naughtiness - often all in one evening!!  From my very first time singing with WOSOSI I have been hooked on world music - the variety, the depth, and the stories behind the songs make for an exciting, challenging and often moving repertoire.  It's wonderful to share these songs with others and know that we are helping to keep alive some very old treasures."


WOSOSI has been in existence since 2002. 
Over the years we have enjoyed a variety of music directors to lead us and explore approaches to polyphonic, a cappella singing.

Double Trouble

We were fortunate to have two conductors share the role of Music Director for five fruitful years. Pam and Naomi each brought their own range of skills and together provided a rich, rounded approach to WOSOSI leadership.


Naomi Parker

Naomi is a scientist who sings like an angel, while she led us fearlessly into new gospel territory and beyond.
She gently kept us in line, in tune and focussed (with the help of an occasional shepherd's whistle).
Naomi is a dedicated and accomplished conductor.


"I' really appreciate the opportunity I've had through WOSOSI to spread my conducting wings and to explore some of the rich gospel tradition along with the world music genre.
It's an amazing feeling when we collectively get to those moments where the wonderful WOSOSI voices and the intention of the song come together into something very special."


Rawiri Hindle

And then there’s one-of-a-kind, wonderful Rawiri. This beautiful soul taught us waiata, kapa haka and pump inspired warm-ups. A fine tenor/soprano, Rawiri’s energy is infectious and impossible to resist.  He can't help but inspire and move you.  

"I was a part of WOSOSI from back when it started and love the whanaungatanga (relatedness) within the group. I love the variety of songs WOSOSI sing from around the world and there’s nothing quite like the feeling when it all comes together when performing – the synchronicity of words, music, action, gesture and sound working together as one."


Bert van Djik

Bert was founder and musical director of WOSOSI for ten years until he left Wellington in 2012.  Bert is an internationally renowned theatre director, performer, conductor, voice and acting coach.  His voice work integrates the unique Roy Hart approach of the Extended Voice with principles from the  Michael Chekhov technique. Bert taught us to 'sing from the souls of your feet".
His presence is missed - his repertoire and kaupapa live on.

"For me the human voice is by far the most potent, intimate, soulful, extraordinary, profound means of expression and communication. I particularly love exploring our extreme vocal possibilities: the roars, the squeaks, the sighs, the rattles, the sobs and the wailing"

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