Wonderful birthday for Mavis

We had a great time entertaining Mavis's friends and family at her 90th birthday party.  One of the guests wrote a thank you card to the birthday girl and, with permission, we share it with you.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the lovely Birthday Party you shared with us last Saturday.     The afternoon tea was so nice (and didn't your family do well!) and above all I came home really raving about the Choir.    What an amazing and beautifully musical performance - such verve, such skill, such joie de vivre!    I've never heard anything like it before and was rapt right through the whole delightful programme.   How I long to hear more choral groups like this these days - used to listen avidly to "World Music" on Radio N.Z. but its been replaced by very boring "pop" worse luck. Thanks so much for bringing them to sing for us - and celebrate your latest milestone in such a musical way. THANKS!"