WOSOSI Blog 14/6/2021 please read

The music team and core group had a meeting last night to talk about upcoming events.

This Wednesday we will work on Bonse Aba and Shida Nyingi ,Fursato , Nane soha and Lo Yisa Goy

Working backwards from our concert

For St Mary's Winter Solstice Choral Variety Concert on 7th August
The concert performance with 5 other choirs is scheduled 18:30-20:00 but we will need to rehearse in the afternoon beforehand as well
  • Bonse aba
  • Letyat Utki
  • Tumbalalaika
  • Furusato
  • Backup songs....   Sold down the river, Shida Nyingi
  • 1 min song...  a warm up such as Down in the dungeon, or Rose Red/Heigh ho/Ah poor bird
We have also firmed up Term 3 workshop on 24th July and decided to do a morning workshop , shared lunch followed by a rest home concert of  30 mins.
We plan to sing at Papakowhai rest home and a hall venue nearby which I will update when booked. In the meantime please respond to the event
  • Draft set of songs below
  • Bonse aba (J)
  • Letyat Utki (Ju)
  • Tumbalalaika (D)
  • Sold down the river (J)
  • Shida Nyingi (Ju)
  • Blessed Be (J)
  • Nane Soha (D)
  • Lo Yisa Goy (D)